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Vision, Mission, Goals…

The College of Business Studies Cyprus (CBS) operates as a higher education institution since 2018, while having an experience in providing professional degrees since 2004.

The Vision

CBS aspires to be a leading edge College capable of delivering excellency in Business education and research in our country and internationally. By focusing on the provision of high quality academic qualifications to its students and through research it aims to become a major contributor to our community by offering solutions to important problems of the society. Its ambition is to establish itself as the first choice for any student who chooses to have a career in the wider Business sector.

The Mission

To provide all the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and support to its students for their future success in their academic, professional and personal lives, to contact and deliver high-quality scientific research, give back to the business sector and the society through the distribution of high-standard education and exceptional research work. It is our mission to produce strong, skilled and high quality graduates. Strong graduates create Strong Societies.

Main Goals

The design of programs is geared to the following key objectives:

  • Provide high level of academic education, taking into account current trends, both in the higher education sector and in the subjects taught within the College.
  • High scientific, technical and professional competence in the education of our students.
  • High-quality research that will be able to transcend the traditional boundaries between basic and applied research in order to provide solutions to major societal and economic problems.
  • Collaboration with the local business community to help bring innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Provide students the ability to think critically, innovatively, creatively, and to make connections among diverse fields of study in analysing problems.
  • Equip students with necessary skills for high productivity and performance.
  • Expose students to both general and specialized curriculum content through compulsory and elective/specialized courses.
  • Have the ability to interact and function effectively in group situations, create well-written documents, deliver effective oral presentations.
  • Gain analytical and research techniques to identify complex problems.
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject they are studying.


Academic research is the key to development, improvement, growth, evolvement. An institution with strong academic research becomes well respected, reputable and considered among the best schools. Faculty research can be incorporated into the curriculum making it contemporary and modern. Students benefit through research-centered syllabus and through private research in the form of projects, dissertations or thesis.

At CBS, research is considered a vital necessity for the future success of the student, the College and the society. It was always among the priorities of the owners to create a Research Centre which would emphasize on current issues both on an international and local level. A center that would provide insight on various topics as an aid to the policymakers. The CBS Research Centre was created in 2019 and has been successfully recognized as a Research entity by Eurostat. It operates under three important pillars: academic, commercial and societal.

Giving Back to the Society: Strong Graduates create Strong Societies

One of the College’s main goals is to contribute to the society. As described before, through high-quality research, the college aims to become an important aid of the state in dealing with problems on the areas of finance and business. Additionally, offering high quality education and qualifications to students will create strong and skilled graduates. These characteristics are the foundations for a strong society and we consider them to be indirect contributions.

Why CBS?

CBS is a leading educational institution in the field of Business studies. All programs where carefully structured covering all fundamental, current, applied and theoretical areas of the program of study. They combine both theory and practice to prepare students for career opportunities and advancement in the business sector. They are appropriate for individuals seeking leading positions in the business sector. Additionally, students have the opportunity to study two years in Cyprus and then continue their studies for two more years at a UK University or a Canadian University. Read More...

All programs have been evaluated by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Students who successfully finish the four-year Bachelor Degree will gain the General Banking Certificate, provided that they have chosen the relevant elective courses. Students who successfully finish the Master of Business Administration (MBA) will also gain the Certificate in Bank Financial Management, again provided that they have chosen the relevant elective courses. In this way, our College manages to provide both, an academic diploma and a professional tittle. This is a very significant advantage that CBS College holds over competitors.

CBS is the right choice! CBS treats its students and graduates as members of its community. Once part of the CBS community, you will always be part of it.